If that’s the case, then, you can jump straight to the next method. Also, make sure you create a Restore point for future such incidents beforehand. Head to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘cmd,’ and select the best match.

  • Give Action1 RMM a try if you need to install Windows updates to remote endpoints.
  • In this article, we picked five of them, each of which can help you with various aspects of Windows 7 repair or recovery.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you should restart your computer and the issue should be solved.

The examples I saw in your link assign the results of GameObject.Find to a member field. That’s a reference and the GC will not collect Rocketdrivers it until the containing object is collected. NullReferenceException is meant to be thrown by the CLR. It does not mean that a reference to a null would occur except that you cleverly checked first.

Proceed with the one that suits your situation the best. If you were experiencing a file system error, we hope you were able to salvage the situation by using one or more of our solutions. You can try resetting the Settings app if you encounter such an error with the steps above. Malware – The other leading cause of a corrupted file system is the actions of malware. Malware can be designed to alter or damage the actual files stored in the file system, causing it to lose its ability to work effectively. If the troubleshooter detects any file system error, it will fix the issue automatically.

The hard drive can spin too awkwardly, causing the system to send invalid data to your hard drive. You will be forced to call your PC and laptop repair services to reset the BIOS with a quick flash or even get a new motherboard. But this is a rare virus because it must be a specific virus designed for a specific motherboard.

Yes, one can use a program to replace the CMOS data with the original data. A bugged Windows update can cause system file corruption. It can be an OS problem, a third-party application tampering with system files or even hardware failure. A computer virus is defined as a self-replicating computer program that interferes with your computer’s hardware, software, or operating system.

Change DNS Server

You can also create bootable flash drives that allow you to bypass your computer’s operating system and use it in DOS mode to interact with your hard drive directly. Victoria911 is a powerful hard drive tool that can be used to monitor S.M.A.R.T. data and detect bad sectors. If any bad sectors are detected, you can also choose to remap them so Windows doesn’t save new data to that location. There are various causes behind corruption that we’ll look at in this article.

How to Fix Registry Problems Using Wise Registry Cleaner

Click on the Create Recovery Drive button, and select OK to initiate the process. While on the Select what to recover page, click on the top-right corner menu and select Create Recovery Drive.